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Monday, February 28, 2011

Skill Tracker Pro - Autism Skills Tracker App

Skill Tracker Pro - DOWNLOAD HERE from the Apple App Store

The new Skill Tracker Pro application has been designed to increase efficiency in the instruction of children with Autism. Designed by parents of a child with autism, Skill Tracker Pro (STP) helps automate applied behavior analysis instruction.

The new STP app frees a teacher, behavior analyst, therapist or researcher from several hours of administrative work each week, and brings a higher level of efficiency to assure the best possible outcome for children with autism.

The app allows the special education community to spend more time on instruction and less time on manually collecting skills data, charting results and creating skill sheets. Behavior professionals have proven that being able to track skill acquisition on a mobile device makes them more productive when working with their autism clients.

Some of the time-consuming activities that are now automated by the STP app include:
  • Take cold probe data and input individualized skills
  • Supports unlimited students and unlimited observers
  • Record video of your technique for team review
  • Cold probe for Mands, Rate of Manding, Trial by Trial data collection
  • Set criteria for when a target is considered mastered and generate graphs
  • Export your data to Excel or the Team Web Portal for advanced charting functionality
  • Assign skills and targets for each client
  • Completely customizable prompt levels for skill, trial and mand collection sessions
  • Fully customizable retention checks
  • Auto-adjust feature to tweak retention checks based on past performance
  • Generate graphs and skill tracking sheets

Skill Tracker Pro - DOWNLOAD HERE from the Apple App Store
Skill Tracker Pro - Marz Consulting Inc.

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