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Friday, May 27, 2011

Approach To Autism Droid App

Approach To Autism : Install it on your android now! | ZapaDroid

To the individuals challenged by the Autism Spectrum, Approach to Autism offers one source, connecting parents, families and professionals with instant access to the top resources.

With just a touch, you’ll find:

· Local and National resource listings
· Publishers
· Clinics
· Health resources
· Products
· Therapists
· Current tips
· Educational sources
· Conventional and creative venues

Valuable information for you and your family when choosing…
the right Approach to Autism.


Approach to Autism recognized the need for one source to ease the burden of gathering the information that is critical for well informed choices. All the names, numbers, information, dates, maps , photographs, video clips, products and other resources are here… right on your mobile phone. Perfect for busy individuals who are searching for information that is
Focused, Current, Quick, and Easy to use!

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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Does Apple's iPad 2 belong in your school?

Does Apple's iPad 2 belong in your school? - Computerworld Blogs

Take the newly-introduced Scene & Heard app ($49) from TBox Apps. This has been developed to help teach children with augmentative and assistive communication (AAC) needs, particularly for kids with differing degrees of autism. The software is being sold as a Visual Scene Display communication aid. An aid that uses personalized photos, video and other assets to help kids communicate.

"The user uptake of the iPad as a communication device, is growing at an exponential rate, and we wanted to provide a solution that truly integrates the possibilities available from the device," said Swapnil Gadgil, director, TBoxApps, in a statement provided to me.

"The iPad is intuitive, easy for people with complex communication needs to learn and to use, and provides a powerful platform for contextual based communication."

Kids, parents or teachers can use their own photos, images, videos, text and audio to build an interactive scene, enabling AAC children to interact with the device, the image and to communicate -- even to organize their day.


Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Scene & Heard App

App Wrap: "Scene & Heard," "SATLadder" -

For children and parents, Apple’s line of iOS devices can be a great resource for learning. Take, for example, “Scene & Heard,” which turns the iPad into what's called an “augmentative and alternative communication device,” or AAC for short.

Essentially, it allows kids with autism to both learn and communicate with others by pushing or arranging pictures, helping them clearly communicate what they're trying to say. What makes this app different from some of the others out there is that it allows users, parents or anyone helping that child to easily upload their own pictures, videos and sounds to create their own so-called “scenes.” Developers say that in doing so, the app can be customized to feel more comfortable for each user.

Spanish Versions of Speech Therapy Apps Now Available for the iPad/iPhone

Spanish Versions of Speech Therapy Apps Now Available for the iPad/iPhone

Speech Therapy has been undergoing dramatic changes with the availability of the iPad. Therapists and teachers have been utilizing the new touch screen tool to dramatically improve the child's experience in therapy. However, the experience has largely been limited to English speakers because only a tiny fraction of the apps are available to Spanish speakers. Recently, a Speech-Language Pathologist with her own line of apps sought to change this by introducing two of her popular Speech Therapy apps as Spanish Versions.

Poorani Doonan, a licensed Speech-Language Therapist, created a family of apps called 'Speech with Milo' to help teach basic language skills to children. She created an animated mouse to keep children entertained and engaged in therapy sessions. "The iPad is the perfect device for therapy, but I felt that there was a need for an app focused on basic language skills and structured in a way that children would want to participate." Since inception, the 'Speech with Milo' apps have been a mainstay in therapy and schools. The autism community, in particular, has embraced the iPad as a means to learn and interact. 'Speech with Milo' has participated in iPad giveaways with Autism foundations HollyRod and Danny's Wish to make Milo available to those that need it.

Once Speech with Milo became popular, Mrs. Doonan began to feel that there was an underserved portion of the population with Spanish speakers that need help with basic language skills. "Several bilingual teachers and Speech Therapists emailed me to say that they love our apps, but have a child that needs a Spanish version", says Mrs. Doonan. "I decided that there were probably enough kids out there that would benefit from the app to try to make one."

The 'Verbs' and 'Prepositions' apps can be purchased in Spanish or English on the iPad, iPod or iPhone. The newest 'Speech with Milo' app, 'Sequencing', is not currently available in Spanish.

Description and purchase information is available for Verbs and Prepositions in the Apple app store.


Monday, May 23, 2011

Google Chromebook: Autism Tested, Dad Approved

Google Chromebook: Autism Tested, Dad Approved

... it looks to be a sweet little machine also capable of getting the job done when all you need is the Internet. A web-based Augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) would be a really nice app for this device. Ala - Proloquo2Go for Chrome.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Apple iPad and iPod Touch Technology and Autism - Autism Speaks: Communities

Apple iPad and iPod Touch Technology and Autism - Autism Speaks: Communities

A Two Part Workshop Series for Parents and Professionals to Help Children and Students with Autism and Other Developmental and Language Disorders Increase Learning and Independence.

Tuesday, June 7th
The proliferation of apps for devices such as the Apple iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad has yielded a great many options and resources for those with autism and other developmental disabilities. This workshop will provide an overview of some of those options and how they are being used in the home and classroom.

Tuesday, June 14th
Proloquo2go is one of many applications for iPod Touch and iPad. It is an augmentative and alternate communication solution for people who have difficulty speaking. This workshop will give both an overview of this app and specifics for its use with individual learners.

Matawan Regional High School
450 Atlantic Avenue
Aberdeen, NJ 07747

Register on line at View attached flyer for more information.

Autistic children use iPad at Toronto school

The Canadian Press: Autistic children use iPad at Toronto school to reach out and communicate

Four-year-old Satu Kuisma smiles as she finds a picture of herself and touches it on the screen.

When teacher Sabrina Morey asks the kindergartner to tell her what she did in class that day, Satu taps away on the iPad, selecting pictures for eating, drawing and playing on swings.

Communication can be a struggle for Satu, who has a rare chromosome disorder. Born at just 2 1/2 pounds, she has had developmental delays, one of the most prominent being her speech. But she's among dozens of non-verbal children at a Toronto school who are learning to communicate through touch technology.

Satu and the other students at the Beverley School are involved in a research project with University of Toronto professor Rhonda McEwen aimed at determining if devices like iPads make it easier for developmentally challenged children to communicate and interact with others.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Smurks Launches New App for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch | SYS-CON MEDIA

CHICAGO, IL -- (Marketwire) -- 05/17/11 -- iPhone, iPad and iPod touch users no longer have to wonder how to effectively communicate their feelings via digital communications. Today Iconicast has officially launched a new mobile app to empower people to emote across social media. Smurks is available for download at the App Store and enables people to morph a face into an exact expression of what they are feeling and share it via text, email, Facebook and Twitter adding a new emotional language to those channels.

Smurks can be downloaded by visiting:

"Smurks is timely in part because of the emotional disconnectedness many people feel as an ironic result of today's digital connectedness," said Smurks Founder, Pat Byrnes, a celebrated writer and a cartoonist at The New Yorker. "We started out with the idea to do something happy and fun with Smurks, put a little heart into the machine and Smurks is quickly gaining a following as people discover that it offers them a whole new way to communicate how they are feeling at any given moment in both their personal and professional lives."

The autism community is also embracing Smurks as an app that can help children on the autistic spectrum better recognize and communicate their emotions. Dr. Phillip Epstein is a Chicago neuroscientist who has begun using Smurks in his clinical practice. "Smurks gives children with autistic spectrum disorders (ASD) the opportunity to expand their repertoire of emotions and I think it has enormous potential and usefulness as a tool for clinical research, diagnostics and therapeutics in this area," he said.

Smurks Chief Propeller Head, Steve Landers said it's the iPhone itself that inspired the technology behind this innovative app. "The high-touch friendliness of the iPhone redefined how we interact physically with our machines. Its three-dimensional navigating capability is what makes it possible for Smurks to operate the way it does, as an integrated face rather than a stack of menus like an emoticon or emoji. What we've been able to create with Smurks and its unique GUI is unlike anything else available today."

Smurks will also be available for Android users later this year. For an overview video of Smurks, visit:

SMURKS | Smurks is a mobile app like no other. Officially launched in 2011, Smurks enables users to morph a face into the exact expression they are feeling and share it via text, email, Facebook and Twitter. Smurks is currently available for downloads on the App Store for use on iPhones, iPads and iPod touch devices. Smurks is created by Iconicast LLC, a company in the business of humanizing digital communications. For additional information about Smurks visit

Smurks is a trademark of Iconicast, LLC.
iPhone, iPad and iPod touch and App Store are trademarks of Apple Computer.

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Thursday, May 12, 2011

Autism Stories for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad on the iTunes App Store

Autism Stories for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad on the iTunes App Store

Autism Stories is for all parents, teachers, guardians, family members, friends and associates of people living with autism. The goal is to provide a place for people to come together to share their experiences and show that autism can be understood and that those suffering from it are as capable as anyone else.