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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Apple iPad Autism Mirace?

Is the iPad a 'Miracle Device' for Autism?

Steve Jobs called it a magical device. For the parents of autistic children, it actually might be.

Experts say the Apple iPad lessens the symptoms of the disorder, helping kids deal with life's sensory overload -- in a sense "curing" the disorder, one parent says.

That's what Laura Holmquist believes, at least. Her son Hudson was having 8 or 9 violent meltdowns per day. One morning he started screaming in his bedroom -- and didn't stop until late that evening. The family of eight could not go to public events or out to dinner and had a hard time communicating with him.

"The iPad has given us our family back," Laura told "It's unlocked a new part of our son that we hadn't seen before, and given us insight into the way he connects with his world."

Diagnosed with autism about ten months ago, 3-year-old Hudson is built like a Mack truck and has a disarming smile. His brother Zane is about the same age (both are adopted) and can ask for toys and say complete sentences, but Hudson has trouble communicating about basic needs.

“Originally, we thought he wasn't talking to us because he has four big sisters and they would help him out,” Laura said. “He would point to things without asking for them.”

A school therapist suggested using the Apple iPad; amazingly, the Holmquists say Hudson took to the device immediately. A family friend used the site to raise funds for a new iPad for him, and Hudson now uses the iPad daily as a way to play games, communicate about ideas and even make puzzles.

Laura says the touchscreen tablet is a miracle device.

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