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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Avatalker™ AAC (Augmentative and Alternative Communication)

Avatalker™ AAC | Augmentative and Alternative Communication Software

A Revolutionary Product Designed with You in Mind
In the fall of 2011 Intelligence, Inc. will be releasing a new robust AAC app for the Apple iOS platform that is unlike any other AAC device on the market today! It's called Avatalker™ AAC (pronounced 'ave-ah-talker').

What is Avatalker™ AAC
Avatalker™ AAC is an augmentative and alternative communication software solution designed for Apple’s iPad®, iPhone®, and iPod® Touch. It gives nonverbal children and adolescents the ability to build phrases and sentences pictographically, which are then converted to audible speech. It features a robust 2,000+ word vocabulary and proprietary graphics library that is EASY to navigate and use!

Customizable, Powerful, and Robust
Caregivers can customize Avatalker’s library, adding familiar names, words and images, or even complete custom sentences or phrases for easy access to frequently-used messages. Advanced features for grammar are offered, including drop-down menus for auto-conjugation, auto-morphology... and auto-syntax! Avatalker is SCALABLE, including three skill stages designed to accommodate low-to-high functioning nonverbal children and the ability to vary the size of the icon buttons for those with motor planning challenges.

A Great Product Starts with a Solid Foundation

Intelligence, Inc. is a leading inventor and developer of interactive communication technologies. Based out of Chicago USA, Intelligence, Inc. features a dynamic team of local developers and programmers with a passion for engineering the very finest tools and applications. Intelligence, Inc. has strong ties to the Autism community through our product designers who also serve on various non-for-profit boards, participate in online forums, attend conferences and seminars, and work in special education.

Founded in 2002 by two technology entrepreneurs who shared a vision for developing assistive technologies, Intelligence, Inc. boasts an impressive portfolio of software solutions with over fifteen thousand users in two dozen countries worldwide. Intelligence, Inc. is the only solution provider in this industry to offer true 24x7 user support. Learn more at

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