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Monday, February 28, 2011

Autism BehaviorTrackerPro App for the Apple iPhone, iPad, iPod

BehaviorTrackerPro - Marz Consulting Inc. is available in the Apple iTunes Store! (DOWNLOAD HERE)!

BehaviorTrackerPro - Marz Consulting Inc.

Available in the Education and Utilities sections in iTunes...just search for the word Autism or Behavior Tracker Pro. Behavior Tracker Pro is an iPhone/Ipod Touch application that allows BCBAs, behavioral therapists, aides, teachers or parents to track behaviors and graph them. The application was specifically designed to support the behavioral treatment plans for children with Autism however it can be used to track behavior in any field.

ABC data as well as just frequency and duration collection are supported. Key elements of the application include the ability to:
  • Start and stop a timer with easy to use “double taps” on the iPhone or iPod touch.
  • Take ABC data or only frequency and duration data.
  • Graph data to assess the efficacy of the treatment plan.
  • Manual draw function so you can “own your data”.
  • Graph by ABC: Choose Antecedent, Behavior or Consequence as your graphing focus.
  • Insert phase change lines, allowing you to document changes in the treatment plan or environment illustrating before and after results.
  • Send graphs from the iphone as a picture to parents, teachers or other team members.
  • Video Capture - record a behavior or even a procedure/intervention that can then be shared with the rest of the team
  • Analyze and graph data by client.
  • Support multiple observers and multiple clients.
  • Add observers, clients and ABC’s: Fully customizable so that you can take and graph data for your clients.
  • Designed by a Board Certified Behavior Analyst, Elizabeth Maher, MEd, BCBA.
  • Application constructed by internationally recognized iPhone developer Nick Rudolfsky from Nitrex Pro Corp.

BehaviorTrackerPro - Marz Consulting Inc. is available in the Apple iTunes Store! (DOWNLOAD HERE)!

BehaviorTrackerPro - Marz Consulting Inc.

Skill Tracker Pro - Autism Skills Tracker App

Skill Tracker Pro - DOWNLOAD HERE from the Apple App Store

The new Skill Tracker Pro application has been designed to increase efficiency in the instruction of children with Autism. Designed by parents of a child with autism, Skill Tracker Pro (STP) helps automate applied behavior analysis instruction.

The new STP app frees a teacher, behavior analyst, therapist or researcher from several hours of administrative work each week, and brings a higher level of efficiency to assure the best possible outcome for children with autism.

The app allows the special education community to spend more time on instruction and less time on manually collecting skills data, charting results and creating skill sheets. Behavior professionals have proven that being able to track skill acquisition on a mobile device makes them more productive when working with their autism clients.

Some of the time-consuming activities that are now automated by the STP app include:
  • Take cold probe data and input individualized skills
  • Supports unlimited students and unlimited observers
  • Record video of your technique for team review
  • Cold probe for Mands, Rate of Manding, Trial by Trial data collection
  • Set criteria for when a target is considered mastered and generate graphs
  • Export your data to Excel or the Team Web Portal for advanced charting functionality
  • Assign skills and targets for each client
  • Completely customizable prompt levels for skill, trial and mand collection sessions
  • Fully customizable retention checks
  • Auto-adjust feature to tweak retention checks based on past performance
  • Generate graphs and skill tracking sheets

Skill Tracker Pro - DOWNLOAD HERE from the Apple App Store
Skill Tracker Pro - Marz Consulting Inc.

iBiomed app for autism


iBiomed is a free native iPad iPhone and iPod touch app for people with medical conditions that need constant attention and requiring complex treatment regimens. iBiomed gives you the tools you need to manage medication, therapies, nutrition, supplements, allergies and more. Regardless of how complex the amount of information you need to manage, iBomed keeps track of it all, and puts it at your fingertips.

iBiomed, now available in the app store, allows you to email full patient information to health care providers, or anyone you would like to be apprised of the progress of the patient including histories and reports. This is all done within the iBiomed app. For the caregiver, the app provides push notification reminders of when to give medication as well as recording when the medication was given and when the next dosage should be administered.

IBiomed also offers a health forum designed to post messages about your patient’s condition to our health care community using push notification of received messages. The mobility of this App also allows hospital staff instant access to vital health information about a patient upon an emergency.

A caregiver can also review a treatment history and create customizable charts and graphs to track progress or regress.

iBiomed was inspired and personally built by my husband (who is also a local Physician) and I. We are the parents of children plagued with Autism, Seizure disorder, Asthma and Allergies. This App came about because of a personal necessity to support our children’s healthcare needs. Although this was a personal undertaking we believe that many other families would benefit from this functionality. iBiomed is very much a grassroots movement and we need your help to spread the word.

We hope that iBiomed will help will lessen the work of caregivers in managing the treatment of their patients.

iBiomed was specifically created with the intention of:

  • Easing the organizational burden on caregivers and creating a credible flow of information between families, schools & healthcare providers.
  • Creating a community of families/individuals, vendors and caregivers with patients.

iBiomed's Features Include:

1. Treatment Log Book:

Keep detailed records on the go with a mobile logbook for Prescriptions, Supplements, Therapies, Diets, Allergies, and Tests.

2. Add Multiple Time Stamped Notes to each of the above treatment items. Your Notes are easily searchable.

3. Manage the Treatment of as many people as you'd like as a portable electronic medical record.

4. Treatment Journal:

Keep a Journal or Daily diary for each person whose treatment you'll be managing with iBiomed. The Journal entries are time stamped and easily searchable. e.g. foods, behavior logs or side effects and reactions.

5. Treatment History:

Review your treatment history of tests, supplements, diets, therapy notes, behaviors and journals. You can also edit past log entries, including test results. If the test results are numerical, you can easily differentiate between normal and abnormal values.

6. Treatment Reminder:

Treatment alerts to help you remember to administer supplements, medications tests and even Therapy sessions and medical appointments.

7. Share Treatment Information:

Share details of your treatment plan with family, health professionals, therapists or nutritionist by email. iBiomed can automatically generate an email summary of your treatment plan and treatment history by date range.

8. Supply Tracker for Rx & Supplements: Lets you know when you should reorder a prescription or Supplement.

9. Health Forum with "Smart Topic Filter" and Push notification to your mobile device: Now all your forum questions & answers can be accessed on your phone. It is also a so a great platform for parents and healthcare providers to interact.

10. Customizable Graph to track just about anything a person wants to watch closely; from symptoms to behaviors, appetite, sleep, or anything you want to track.


Friday, February 18, 2011

Dump that Dynavox: Women's Business Network, iPhone and Proloquo2Go

Proloquo2Go - AssistiveWare
Proloquo2Go - AssistiveWare

Proloquo2Go - AssistiveWare
Proloquo2Go - AssistiveWare

Nine-year-old Lillian was born with a condition that inhibits her ability to speak. Her mother Camilla Downs says when she started school she used a communication device called a DynaVox, which was large and cumbersome. “There's all the kids running and jumping and doing the things that elementary school kids do and there was Lillian pulling a cart behind her with her DynaVox unit in it.” Downs said, describing Lillian at recess. “It was about 5 lbs but way to heavy for someone her size to tote around on her body.”

Downs dedicated herself to researching the latest technology and found an iPhone application called Proloquo2Go that would allow Lillian to communicate effectively through the handheld device. Lillian uses a touch keyboard or pre-programmed icons and the iPhone becomes her voice. Now Downs wants to help other families with similar needs afford this technology.

more ...

Proloquo2Go - AssistiveWare
Proloquo2Go - AssistiveWare

Thursday, February 17, 2011

iPad Helps Toddler With Autism Communicate

iPad Helps Toddler With Autism Communicate

PORTLAND, Maine(WCSH) -- When 2 1/2-year old Jeremiah Gould's parents won an iPad, they never expected how much it would help their son communicate.

Jeremiah has autism and does not speak. He's been learning to communicate by handing pictures of things he wants to do to his parents or his speech therapists at Easter Seals in Portland. But he was not making much progress until he got the iPad four months ago.

His father, Zak Gould, suspected Jeremiah might respond well to the touch screen because he is a visual learner. Sure enough, they started playing with apps that allowed Jeremiah to make fireworks with the touch of a finger or pop bubbles, and he loved them. Other apps Jeremiah uses will show 3 photos on the screen, and the computer will ask him verbally to touch a specific picture. The computer congratulates him for picking the correct picture.

Jeremiah's mother, Elise Gould, says she didn't realize how many words her son comprehended until he started using the iPad. "It was almost like getting to know him a little bit more, and I think that was nice for him to be able to say, 'Hey! I know how to do this, and I can do this!'"

Jeremiah's speech language pathologist at Easter Seals, Julie Fagone, also has seen a big difference.